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Track Your Shipment

To track your shipment you will need your way bill number. If you still have not receive it, or can´t find it, please contact us at (507) 396-9432 or use our “Contact Us” format.

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Our team has great experience in international cargo handling which extends to a 25 year period. This makes us highly efficient and allows us to provide our clients with the best personalized service know to the industry. Contact us at operations@midpointlg.com


Midpoint Logistics has enough equipment to meet and surpass the needs of our clients in Panama. We can offer consolidated or containerized cargo movement services from any port in Panama to any destination within our country. Our prices are not fixed; they are based on our clients’ needs and the type of process required. Request a quote, and you will be amazed by our service and attention.

Domestic Transportation within the United States and On-Line Solutions: Midpoint Logistics has partnered up with American Cargo Express to offer the most effective and efficient domestic transport service within the United States known to the industry. We have several options:

LTL - Less Than Truck Load. When your merchandise is not enough to fill a complete truck, we can offer rates for the pickup and delivery of the same. The market definition for a shipment that is less than 10 thousand pounds applies for an LTL rate. Midpoint can move your LTL cargo from any of the 48 lower states to Miami in an effective and economical way.

FTL – Full Truck Loads

(a) Amount of merchandise required to fill up a full truck.

(b) When used un connection with a freight rate, it refers to the amount of cargo required to qualify as a Full Truck Load.

( c ) The market definition for an FTL is a merchandise that weighs over 10 thousand pounds.

This term is used when you have enough cargo to fill up a 48´ or a 52´ trailer; a low boy or any special equipment. Midpoint along with American Cargo Express, works with more than teucking companies in the United States that offer this service very efficiently and cost effectively.

- Container Inlands. Due to the strategic presence of ACE in the United States, Midpoint has the ability of offering the inland movement of containers within any main port and deliver it within 100 miles radius of it. Midpoint and ACE have vast experience in the handling of heavyweight merchandise that might require the movement to be done with tri-axle chassis and obtaining all of the necessary permits to do so. Our waiting time programs, offer our clients an economic and efficient service.

- Intermodal Service. This service refers to the movement of containers under different transportation forms (ship to ship, terminal to terminal, train, truck, warehouse to port, etc.). We work with qualified trucking companies that have all the permits required to handle equipment in train and port terminals.

- Flat Bed Service. Midpoint and ACE have vast experience in the movement of oversize pieces from coast to coast. We have invested numerous hours preparing our network of service providers to offer flat bed and lowboys, which can be available within the next 24 hours of your request to comply with your most time sensitive projects.

- Refrigerated Truck Services. We have partnered up with domestic and interstate highly reputable companies to handle refrigerated merchandise, so that we can offer our clients a broad spectrum of services for perishable merchandise handling.

- Team Driver Service. When your merchandise becomes time sensitive, Midpoint and ACE offers trusted team driver services. We can move your merchandise from coast to coast within three (3) days); from New York to Miami in one day and a half and from Seattle, WA to Miami in four (4) days. This service is the fastest and most efficient way of handling FTL time sensitive cargoes.

- Project and Special Equipment. If what you need is special equipment transportation, Midpoint Logistics has the ability of obtaining it for you as we have contracts in place with the most important providers in Panama.

We have the ability of offering oversize and overweight equipment handling in accordance with your project needs, so that you don´t have any delays in the delivery process of your merchandise. This way we can offer a more effective process to your supply chain.

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“Even though they are a startup company, they have more than enough experience to handle important projects, which has given us the confidence to work with them”

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