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Track Your Shipment

To track your shipment you will need your way bill number. If you still have not receive it, or can´t find it, please contact us at (507) 396-9432 or use our “Contact Us” format.

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Allow us to help you

Our team has great experience in international cargo handling which extends to a 25 year period. This makes us highly efficient and allows us to provide our clients with the best personalized service know to the industry. Contact us at operations@midpointlg.com

Sea Freight

We offer a wide variety of global ocean cargo transport services. We can handle almost any size of shipment; from consolidated cargo, to full containers, special equipments and oversized cargo.

Our advanced tracking system allows you to have full visibility of the most important steps in the transit process of your merchandise. As we have a very strong agent network, we can offer very efficient ocean transport service from any place to any destination or from any supplier. We can offer a simplified cargo agency process to make bookings, coordinate pick-ups, and handle shipping documentation.

With years of experience, we facilitate your cargo agency processes in accordance with your specifications and the country of destination and/or origin requirements. Choose from a wide variety of ocean services based on your times, cargo size and equipment needs.

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“Even though they are a startup company, they have more than enough experience to handle important projects, which has given us the confidence to work with them”

Abdiel Lazcano Traffic Manager

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